• Security Deposit will be refunded only if application of withdrawal is duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 15th April in the last Academic year at CPEMS.
  • No mid-year applications will be entertained for security refund under any circumstances. All refunds will be addressed to after the end of the academic year.
  • Parents will be liable to pay the fees for the next academic year, if application of withdrawal is not duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 15th April in the last Academic year at CPEMS.
  • School Leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearanceof dues and payment of amount(s) to the school.
  • If the withdrawal notice is given after 15th April of the running academic year, first term fees (of the following academic year) shall have to be paid to get a clearance for the Transfer/leaving certificate.
  • In case of withdrawal any time after the commencement of the academic year the fees for a full year shall be charged/forfeited in favor of the school.
  • The school leaving certificate will only be issued, only after clearance of all dues and on return of library books. The school leaving certificate will not be issued during vacations.
  • The school leaving certificate(TC) will not be given by hand under any circumstances. It will be sent VIA speed post to the school or college where the child gets admission against the application letter.
  • The Security Deposit collected by the school is an interest-free refundable amount, subject to deductions incase of any damage caused/ dues occurred because of:
    1. Mishandling or loosing of School Library Books and
      Laboratory Equipment’s
    2. Damaging of school IT facilities
    3. Third party damage/ loss caused by the student at the time of the events
    4. Mishandling or damaging the assets of school and transportation
  • The Security deposit so collected will be refunded, without interest only after adjustment of the above dues is done, on completion of the student’s studies at CPEMS. The full and final settlement of the Security Deposit Amount will happen within 60 days from the date of deregistration.
  • The refundable Security Deposit amount will be issued in the form of cheque from the school side.
  • The school leaving certificate will be issued to only those students who have submitted their previous school leaving certificate, at the time of admissions.


The rules and regulations formulated by Chandrakant Patil English Medium School construe for smooth and effective functioning of the school. Chandrakant Patil English Medium School, reserves all rights to amend the fee and set regulations when needed and found necessary. The information given in the school’s website and application material is an indication of CPEMS’s, intent as on the date of publication of this content. The contents of this policy should not to be construed as a binding contract upon Chandrakant Patil English Medium School and cannot be legally challenged