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Our pedagogy is experiential and utilizes all five senses, space, and movement makes optimal use of human and material resources within the learner’s surrounding. We integrate new technologies into the learning experience. Through our project-based approach, learning is guided not by subjects, but by challenges and the need to overcome them. Learners construct their projects and confront problems that help them develop creative problem solving a much-needed skill in later life. Active learning pedagogy and methodology are the core competencies of the school. Learning is achieved through group dynamics and diversity is a valuable learning resource. The students are active learners and do projects linked to real life. The subject areas are delivered through a concept based curriculum and is nearly and totally integrated in a multi-disciplinary way through projects. These learning processes are the foundation of our educational philosophy.

 The school organizes orientation programs for the parents to ensure their thorough understanding of the curricula offered.

 The school follows a timetable which is flexible to the students’ learning needs, the cycle of learning and planning of the timetables is variable according to evolving needs and circumstances.

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An atmosphere of freedom prevails in order to allow children learn to be responsible.  Children have the freedom to explore, to experiment and to discover during their learning process.  The pleasure of learning is a central component of the pedagogy. Diversity is a tool in the learning process, so that children grow with an awareness and appreciation of different cultures including their own. Academic rigour, creativity and life skills are imparted to the learners.